1. Reputation
The Korean-American Educational Center (KAEC) is a non-profit scholarship organization established in 1976 in Los Angeles, California. Since our establishment, we have helped 464 students, including 28 students in 2009, achieve their academic dreams by giving our support as well as scholarships to universities in the US. We have also published 68 educational books to date. Through our work, we have built a strong reputation with students, teachers, and academic administrators in Korea and the US.

2. Relationships

Over the years, we have built a great relationship with institutions in the Korean educational system and the Korean governmentí»s Department of Education. Because of these relationships, KAEC is equipped to find great teaching positions at trustworthy institutions all around Korea!

3. Native Staff

In our Seoul office, we have both Korean and American staff. Our director in Seoul, Steve Yang, has been working with American people for many years, and has a great understanding about the needs and desires of teachers when they come to Korea. Also, our English Researcher in Seoul, Kyle Van Horn, is an American citizen who has been living and working in Korea since 2004. He has been through the visa and relocation process and knows what it takes to survive and thrive in this very different country. Our aim here is to understand and accommodate teachers new to Korea and its culture.

4. Orientation

What really sets us apart is our willingness to go the extra mile in order to help teachers make a comfortable transition from their home country to Korea. If need be, we are prepared to provide transportation from Incheon International Airport to the teacherí»s new residence in Korea. Further, we offer the new teacher a city bus tour of Seoul as well as dinner at a Korean restaurant. Finally, we want to help the new teacher get over any concerns they may have about living and working in Korea by offering time to sit down with our staff for a casual Q&A session before they start their new life.

5. Warranty

On many occasions, we are the first contact that prospective teachers have with people in Korea. That is why we feel it is our obligation to be more than just a recruiter. In our opinion, any problem that a new teacher is having is also our problem. Therefore, we offer our advice and support even after the teacher starts teaching at his/her new institution. We do all this for no commission. We do all this because we care!