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Welcome to Korean-American Educational Center

Hello! Welcome to KAEC. So you’re thinking about teaching in South Korea? Well, we want to place you in the institution that is the best fit for your needs and abilities! Below is an application form that will help us do just that. Please take a few minutes to answer our questions. If you feel like we’ve left anything out, just write in any additional important information in the ‘About Me’ box. Let’s do it!
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  The Basics
Have you ever been to Korea before?
If so, how long did you stay and what did
you like/dislike about it?
First Name :
Last name :
Gender Male   Female
When were you born? Month,   Day,   Year    ex) 04, 23, 1982
Are you currently in Korea?
What’s your nationality?
Where do you live now?
Are you married?
In Korea ,job applications are almost always accompanied by photos.
Post your photo here, and you’ll have a much better chance of landing the job you want.
Photo File

  Your Qualifications

Where did you obtain your university degree?
What degree did you obtain?

Associate ex) economics

How long did it take?
What was your GPA? /   ex) 3.5/4.0
Did you get a minor?
Do you have any other certifications? CELTA    TESOL    TESL   None   other:
Do you have any teaching experience?
If so, how many years? ex) 1
Please post your prepared resume here:
Please post your prepared cover letter here:
 Your Desires
     Korea has lots of different job opportunities with varying benefits. Here are some thing
Do you prefer the city or the country or
somewhere in between?
Big City   Medium City   Small City   Any

  Location Area
What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy? Running Cycling Hiking
Swimming rock climbing Skiing
Snowboarding other(s)
What kind of Sports do you enjoy ? Baseball American Football Basketball
Soccer other(s)
What kind of students do you prefer? Kindergarten Elementary Middle
High School Adult no preference
When can you start? Month,   Day,   Year    ex) 05, 05, 2010
How much do you want to make for a year? Between and .
Are you willing to teach on Saturdays? Possible Impossible Not specified
What kind of housing do you need? Single With a roommate is okay
Allowance only None
  How can we get in touch
Home phone:
ex) Country code + Area code + Phone number
Cell phone:
Email address:
    Okay, thanks! You’re almost finished Did we leave anything out?
    Please write anything else you want us to know in the box below
About Me: