Native Speaker Selection
  Qualifications and Employment Conditions

Qualifications of the Native Speaker Teacher (E2 VISA) He or she must be a citizen of a country where English is
the primary language and must have completed at least two years of college or have graduated from a technical
college or have had at least ten years of formal education in the target language and have completed at least two
years of college in Korea or have graduated from a technical college.

Division Content Comment
Target Students Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, High School students as well as college students and adults
Contract 1 year Contract can be renewed
Pay per Month 1,800,000~2,300,000 Korean Won Standard work hours are 120 hours per month
Pay for Overtime 17,000~25,000 Korean Won If work hour exceeds 120 hours per month
Paid Vacation 10~14 Days 1 Year, weekends and holidays are exempt
Airfare Roundtrip ticket is paid for Roundtrip is the standard, but if contract expires after issuing one-way ticket, the return ticket will be given.
Retirement One month's pay is given Given if contract expires
Number of Students 5~15 Students Less than 45 students for lecture halls and schools
Health Insurance The fees are split 50:50 Foreigner registration is required
Work Hours Monday~Friday 5 days per week, under 30 hours per week
Housing One room, Apartment, House Clean, well-taken care of houses, single rooms are standard
Furniture and Appliances Provided Bed, air conditioner, refrigerator, TV, microwave, dining table, telephone, stove, washing machine, desk, chair, bookcase, blankets, pillow, etc.
  - The working conditions may change according to the situations of the institute.
- We will recommended the best teacher depending on the contract.