1. Career Consultation (Apply online or by phone)
    Please provide as much information as possible on the requesting school and information about the employment procedures.
  2. Teacher Nomination
    • After the consultation the research center will carefully review the existing files on native speaker teachers and nominate a teacher most suited for that school (nominations are made within three days).
    • Intermediate an interview between the requesting school and the teacher (If the teacher resides outside of Korea, it will be over the phone. If not, a face-to-face interview is required.)
  3. Create a Contract with the Teacher
    Sign an English contract between the requesting school and the teacher.
  4. Create a Contract with the Education Center
    • The employer and the research center have another contract regarding the introduction to the teacher
    • The standard is that if the teacher quits the job within three months of signing the contract, the research center will send another teacher without commission, or if another teacher cannot be found, the entirety of the recruiting commission will be returned to the requesting school. However, if the teacher quits due to a breach in the contract by the school, the research center holds no responsibilities.
  5. Provide the Teacher's Visa Related Files
    • Send the necessary files for inviting a foreigner teacher to the requesting school (a copy of the passport, the original diploma or a copy of the diploma verified by the Republic of Korea Consulate, criminal history, self health confirmation sheet, written contract, resume, transcript, two passport photos)
    • Visit the nearest Immigration Office with provided files on the teacher/the requesting school's required documents/request to issue visa to apply (takes seven days)
  6. Send the Visa Issuance Number or Letter and Issue a Visa
    • Send the Visa Issuance Number or Letter via an air courier (DHL, FEDEX, UPS) to the teacher
    • The teacher takes the Issuance Number or Letter to the nearest Republic of Korea Consulate or Embassy and receives the Visa.
  7. Flight Ticket Reservation and Purchase
    We find the cheapest flight tickets we can and reserve and purchase it.
  8. Start the Pre-training
    Before coming to Korea, the teacher is trained on teaching techniques, culture, manners, and other things to note (either executed in U.S. or several times by phone)
  9. After the Teacher's Arrival, Start the Adaptation Training
    • At the Korean base, execute several adaptation training like jet lag, experiencing Korean culture, real teaching techniques, etc.
    • research center shows the way to the actual employer for the teacher.
  10. Continued Support After Assignment
    • Continued support for the teacher (three month warranty and online management system)
    • ithin 90 days of entry, the teacher must register as a foreigner at an Immigration Office. For the registration, the teacher must complete the physical examination at a national or public hospital.