<What is the E2 VISA?>

Range of Activities
A person trying to teach conversational foreign language at a foreign language specialty academy or
an education organization higher than elementary school.

Graduate from a college in a country where the target foreign language is the primary language and has
a bachelor's or a higher degree or a comparable education.

Organizations or groups that are allowed to teach conversational foreign language
- an education organization higher than elementary school or a language research center
- an organization or group that established a training center for employees
- a foreign language teaching institute registered by legal ordinance Article 7, Group 2 related to the establishment
  and management of teaching institutes and extracurricular activities.
-- course registration for operating multiple lessons
-- applies to a teaching institute equivalent to professional foreign language teaching institutes that follows the
   policies of the Immigration Control Law Article 12 (asterisk 1)
- a lifelong learning facility installed by the lifelong education law that meet the standards set by the Minister
  of Justice
- one of lifelong education facilities installed by other laws (ordinances) that is installed and managed by the
  national or local government
- vocational skills training facility and methods established according to the workers, law, vocational training law

<Required Documents for Issuing E2 VISA>

Required Documents from the Teacher
  1. two passport photos
  2. copy of the passport
  3. resume
  4. diploma: original or a copy (verified by Republic of Korea Consulate)
  5. sealed transcript (must be sealed then mailed from the graduating school)
  6. Employment contract
  7. criminal records
  8. self health confirmation sheet

Required Documents for the Teaching Institute
  1. Teaching Institute Registration Form
  2. Business Registration Form
  3. Identity certificate (does not need to be verified)
  4. Reason for invitation
  5. Status of current foreigner teachers (if employed)
  6. Visa Issue Request Form
  7. Current status of the institute and class schedules

The Visa Issuance Number or Letter should be issued 7~10 days after submitting all the documents to and Immigration
Office. The issued number or letter should be given to the invited person through e-mail so that he or she can get the
Visa from the Korean Consulate or Embassy. (For more information, please see the homepage of the Department of
Justice Immigration Management Office)