<Necessary Documents for Issuing of Visa>
  • Required Documents for the Teaching Institute
    1. Business Registration Form
    2. Teaching Institute Registration Form
    3. Identity certificate (does not need to be verified)
    4. Reason for invitation
    5. Visa Issue Request Form
    6. Status of current foreigner teachers (if employed)
    7. Current status of the institute and class schedules
    8. If requesting for proxy employees: mandate, work certificate, copy of ID

  • Required Documents from the Teacher
    1. Orignial diploma or a copy containing the apostille of the pertaining country (In Canada, a copy  confirmed by the Consulate)
    2. Copy of the passport with a picture
    3. Signed English contract
    4. Resume
    5. Two color passport photos
    6. Transcript (sealed at the college)
    7. Criminal records (include apostille)
    8. Self health confirmation sheet (needs signature by the teacher)