<Immigration and Foreigner Registration>
  • Foreigner Registration
    1. Limit: within 90 days of entry
    2. Documents needed: passport, three passport photos, employment certification, copy of business registration form
    3. Fee: 5,000 Won
    4. Registration: Visit the Immigration Management Office with the aforementioned documents and the certification is issued about a week after the request.

  • Health Insurance
    1. Documents: alien registration card, employment certificate, income verification
    2. Joining: if the teacher visits the health insurance company directly and receives the documents, the health insurance certificate is issued immediately.

  • Opening a Bank Account
    1. Documents: passport and alien registration card
    2. Opening: a check account and card will be issued immediately if the teacher visits a bank and shows the passport and alien registration card.
    3. Foreign transfer
    4. Private transfer limit: the limit is $10,000 per person from entry to departure
    5. Salary transfer: infinite number of trasfers within reason with the salary statement
    6. Transfer fee: depends on the amount of transfer (approximately 15,000~20,000 won)

  • Registration with Department of Education
    1. Report the employment of the teacher to the local school board.